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Members-Only club on the bank of the Thames River



Memberships fees are paid for the calendar year

January 1 - December 31

Adult Membership - $175.00

(18 years of age and older)

Family Membership - $225.00

(Parents & their children under the age of 18)

Junior Membership - $75.00

(under 18 years of age joining without a parent)

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The Forest City Archers (FCA) is a member’s only, non-profit, volunteer organization that was established in 1954. The FCA is affiliated with Archery Ontario (previously Ontario Association of Archers) and Archery Canada. Our outdoor facility is located at 21940 Valleyview Road, Thames Centre, Ontario and is accessible 365 days a year.

The FCA 64 acre property rests on the banks of the Thames River and is near the town of Thorndale, just slightly northeast of London. We cater to all types of archery, including traditional (longbow and recurve bow), compound bow and crossbow shooters. Airbows are prohibited! Our club offers two practice archery ranges and a 2 km forested archery course. The forty realistic 3D Rinehart foam targets can be challenging for the hunter, yet still fun and enjoyable for the recreational archer.

All members must sign in and out. Normally, guests are allowed, but there is a maximum of two visits per guest before they must become a member.

Although FCA is not a teaching facility, most club members are willing to share their expertise on shooting and equipment. Archery lessons and archery equipment are available locally at: The Archers Nook and at Antler River Archery.

Come give archery a try; you'll love it!



The FCA has two archery practice ranges to practice and sight in your bow before venturing onto our 3D archery course. Each range consists of Warthog targets placed at various distances. Arrows are easily pulled from these backstops. Only field points are allowed at the Forest City Archers. No Broadheads! We provide a safe and healthy environment for all our members and encourage families to join with their children.

Our traditional (longbow and recurve bow) archery range is next to the pavilion and picnic tables. There are several bow racks and four shooting lanes. The Warthog range targets are placed at various distances: 10- yards, 18-yards and 26-yards.

The main target range is adjacent to the clubhouse area and can be used by all archers. (longbow, recurve bow, compound bow and crossbow) There are five shooting lanes starting at 20 yards. The Warthog range
targets are placed in 10-yard increments to 60 yards. At this time, crossbow shooters need to bring their own targets.


Our professionally designed 3D course winds through the woods with shooting lanes for forty Rinehart targets set along a well-maintained path. The targets vary in distance and size, including bears, deer, sheep, goats
and varmints. We also have a few exotic targets like an alligator, cobra, velociraptor and even one called the Hogzilla. For archers wanting to test their long-range accuracy we have a 100-yard target. The course takes approximately two hours to complete.


We have a wall of tomahawk targets for your throwing enjoyment. If you are new to the sport of tomahawk and knife throwing, there is usually a member who is more than willing to help. Don't be afraid to ask.

Our clubhouse has a fireplace, kitchen and BBQ’s that are always full of propane. This is also where we hold our Executive meetings and Annual General Meeting. COVID PROTOCOL: The clubhouse is currently closed to the general membership.

There are three washrooms (outhouses): Two are located between the front gate and the clubhouse. The third one is located in the forest, halfway through the 3D course. COVID PROTOCOL: Members are responsible for sanitizing any surfaces they come in contact with (including door handles etc.) while using the washrooms. Hand sanitizer and wipes are located inside.

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DATES: Saturday 11th June (trad shooters only)

Sunday 12th June (open)


PLAY: 10:00am - 4:00pm (shotgun start in groups of 4)

COST PER PERSON: $20 for 1 day; $30 for 2 days

$50 per family

FOR SALE: food, drinks, FCA bumper stickers and FCA window clings


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Forest City Archers 


2020 Executive

Phil Vivyurka - President

Glenn McIntosh - Vice President

Kathy Hysen - Secretary

Peter Hysen  - Treasurer


David Hedley - Director of Operations

Kevin Fogarty  - Targets



Kevin Fogarty - Safety Officer

Jared Rundle Drake - Safety Officer


Glenn McIntosh - Events Chair


Kathy Hysen - Website and email

Marko Mrkobrada - Facebook